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H^CK is a collective of senior consultants and we never dilute the quality of our service team. We proudly hire working parents who are committed to working in harmony with family life – because flexible work makes us and our clients happy.

Haley Chartres

Co-Founder + Director
Haley is exactly the kind of consultant you want on your team. She nurtures professional and personal relationships with great care. The result? An enviable and diverse network of leaders and influencers who work collaboratively with H^CK to get results for our clients. Haley is equal parts pragmatist and perfectionist. She’s a sought-after advisor in highly regulated industries like health, biotech and finance, with a balance of start-up, not-for-profit and social impact clients on the books too. Her core discipline is strategic communication, an umbrella term for branding, communication, marketing, public relations, crisis management and more. She cut her teeth as a TV journalist, did agency time and has managed the full suite of communications in-house too – hence, she’s a trusted executive advisor. Be it a project, event or people, Haley supports all the moving parts with skill and sensitivity. This gives her a rare flair for building meaningful corporate stories – the kind that people remember and are proud to share. In simple terms, she invests a lot of love in her work. Fun fact: she was named after Halley’s Comet and according to her mum, she’s been embracing life at the speed of light ever since. Why? These days, to make more time for her son Frank – a delightful strawberry blonde hurricane. She works hard and plays hard, always has.

Kere Puki

Co-Founder + Director

Kere is your go-to guy for all things digital. He brings a unique mix of information technology, entrepreneurial and executive management skills to the table at H^CK – and clients love him for it.

All things considered, one of his greatest skills is communication. He’s got strong business acumen and never loses the room, even when discussing the intricacies of things like data science, coding and artificial intelligence.

Kere is a problem solver and hugely creative in the way he utilises technology to meet and exceed business goals. His superpowers shine in high-level technical strategy, but he always considers the micro detail too – like how to automate staff training so they’re back on the tools, pronto.

He’s worked with clients big and small; managed large in-house development teams; and even built and sold his own digital-impact companies (as he calls them). He prioritises projects that get him excited, so if he’s working with you at H^CK you can be sure his heart is in it.

Kere is a trusted advisor and his reputation hinges on the successful final delivery of IT projects. So his motto is ‘test, test, measure, test, repeat, go’ – and if there’s an issue, he caffeinates and works until it’s fixed.

Fun fact: Kere is a kiwi, so he’ll never say no to a beer or a slice of pavlova. Try and guess the region he’s from asking him how ‘perfect’ a project is going (it will be) – his accent doesn’t lie!

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